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Since its founding in 2012 by the name of "Guardian", WARREN has built 150,000 square meters of intelligent R&D and exhibition bases in Beijing, Shandong, and Guangdong with a national standard testing center. lt has been determined to bring guardian for manyhomeowners by providing quality aluminum windows and doors instandard sizes and customized sizes. Warren windows takestechnique and workmanship and quality seriously. Instead of applying traditional manpower in our factories we have introduced 6 German Elumatec Automatic Processing machines to make our manu-facturing more precise and effectiveIn the past ten years, Warren windows keep pushing itself topursue more delicate products for every customer by observingthe newest technique and designs while always remaining professional service. You can see many stores selling Warren productsin many cities across China and we have exported many productto US and Canada. Our products have received many favors fromover 350,000 families "guarding" every moment of quality life with high-quality products and sincere services, so that high-quality life can be shared globally.

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With all the choices available we understand that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming in deciding what you want. We offer a professional design Visualizer service so that we can help you visualize your ideas as well as provide advice unique to your situation. All of our designs are specified in detail to ensure accuracy. We take the time to listen to you and work with you to ensure complete satisfaction and providing you with a unique, beautifully handcrafted windows/doors that will turn a house into a home. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to a long, successful relationship.

Why Homeowners Choose Warren?

In WARREN, we take pride in providing high quality windows and doors and customerm satisfaction.

Dave, Toronto, Cananda
I may have the opportunity to connect you with a promising door / window distributor, They are good, look nice...
Lukas, Denver, CO, USA
Installation is Going Good, Thank you, I look forward to showing you this project with your windows; very impresive.
Jeanine, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Your windows are Good. They were very well manufactured and packaged! The windows are very cool!

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