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What’s The Best Wood for Barn Door?

by KE JIAYI 12 Apr 2023 0 Comments

When people think about buying barn doors they usually get caught up with one famous question: Which material should be used? Another question pops up: How do you choose a material? There is no better option for barn doors than wood. The types and varieties of wood vary. You're probably asking, what's the best wood for barn doors?

To find an answer to this question you must consider the following factors before making up your mind on one option.

Factors You Need To Consider Before Making Your Choice

Even though wood is far-famed for its durability, there are some things you should keep in mind. It is important to consider several factors. They are listed below.

  1. Budget

Different forms of wood come with their own advantages and downsides. You'll pay more for high-quality wood. Considering your budget is key to deciding how much you are willing to spend on a wood door. You will benefit from this when you buy in real-time.

  1. Treating Wood

You should also consider wood treatment details. Consider the climate around your barn. Is it sunny or humid? You can select an appropriate wood based on these factors.   

  1. Durability

Wood comes in many varieties. Types vary in hardness. Hard and durable wooden barn doors are best for barn doors exposed to the outside. Your barn can be made out of softwood if it's in an interior place and not exposed to the weather directly. 

  1. Maintenance

Experiencing the weather elements can damage wooden doors in certain ways. Moisture can damage the interior of the door as well as direct sunlight. The maintenance of a wooden barn door must be considered when installing one. 

  1. Aim

A wooden barn door serves a specific purpose, so keep that in mind. Choose heavy and hardwood barn doors for proper security. Hay barns might need stronger, more durable wooden doors, whereas livestock barns may require a simple, lightweight door.

Materials for Barn Door

  1. Pine

A variety of colors and grains are available in pine wood, depending on the species and method of cutting. Choosing pine will give you a light brown wood color. The right finishing can create a sleek, smooth pine barn door that looks clean and sleek.

In general, pine doors are less expensive than most other wood types. Dents and scratches are common with this wood type. It is estimated that pine doors can last 10-20 years if treated and maintained well.

  1. Knotty Alder

Similar to pine, alder is a softwood. As a result, it's easier to scratch and dent. The most commonly used type of alder wood is red alder. Besides having a very fine grain and smooth texture, alder wood can also provide a reddish-brown to light honey color. It is easy to stain and paint alder wood since it has a smooth texture.

Moisture doesn't damage this wood. Having a weather-resistant barn door is good since it'll be exposed to rain and other weather conditions. The wood of Knotty Alder is knotty. The knots on your barn door can give your barn an elegant, rustic look. When you're cutting knotty alder, be careful. Saws usually jump when they come into contact with knots. There is a price difference between alder wood and hardwoods.

  1. Knotty Pine

The softwood composition of pine wood makes it more susceptible to damage than other kinds. Even so, pine can last a very long time when treated properly. Pine barn doors with knotty pine add a unique touch. Knots add a rustic feel and work well for farmhouses. When cutting knotty wood, be careful with saws because knots can cause saws to react unpredictably. Your barn door can benefit from knotty pine with the right finishing.

  1. Hardwood

You can find longevity and durability in hardwood barn doors. Using them for a wood barn door can result in them lasting longer and enduring more wear and tear. A simple sand and varnish can easily revive a hardwood barn door. In general, hardwoods cost more than softwoods for solid wood barn doors. However, hardwoods are worth the price you pay. Moreover, hardwoods are more difficult to shape since they are denser. Many hardwoods can be found, including oak, beech, mahogany, walnut, etc.

  1. Fir

Firwood is a reliable and stable softwood. Furnishings made of fir are common. The grain is straight and close. There are many colors you can finish fir in, but it is usually reddish brown. It is stronger than pine, although both are softwoods. In contrast to pine, fir rarely has knots. Furniture markets are easily stocked with fir. Fir barn doors are generally affordable and reasonable.

  1. White Cedar

A popular softwood for doors is white cedar. The grain of white cedar is broad and light. The spicy aroma of cedar makes it versatile. Barn doors made of white cedar tend to be architecturally designed. In addition to being durable and weather-resistant, white cedar is also good for furniture because it is hard and strong. Because white cedar is easily available, it is affordable. White cedar is an option if you choose softwood.

  1. Poplar 

Wooden toys and cabinets are commonly made of poplar. Even though poplar is hardwood, it is easy to work with. White and light green or brown poplar wood usually has a straight grain. Due to poplar's easy finishing, you have a lot of color options. The price of poplar wood is affordable. Consider poplar wood if hardwood is your choice.

  1. Oak

Oak is a common wood for doors. The exterior and interior doors are made from oak. Throughout the years, oak will remain pretty with deep systematic grain. Besides being durable, oak is easy to finish and resistant to insects. Oak has many types, so its grain varies. There aren't certain colors for oak. Red oak and white oak are the most common types of oak. The beautiful wood grain of oak makes it one of the best hardwoods.

  1. Birch

Birchwood is light and straight. You will also benefit from its durability since it is hardwood. The more sunlight your barn doors are exposed to, the more they will yellow. If your barn is in a very dry location, the wood might crack if it becomes very dry.

The good news is that Birch is a very common hardwood around the world, so your budget will benefit. Hardwoods are still more expensive than softwoods. The fungi and insect infestations make birch wood more suitable for indoor use. Ensure that your exterior barn door is properly treated if you plan to use birch wood.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying barn doors, you get plenty of wood options. Consider where you wish to use it, and what purpose you want it to serve, and make the best choice!

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