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What Type of Material is the Best for My Screen Door?

by KE JIAYI 18 Apr 2023 0 Comments

No one can neglect the importance of screen doors. It has various benefits, especially that  you can enjoy the outdoor environment without worrying about unwanted insects and bugs. However, when it comes to choosing the right screen door, you need to consider various factors. The most important of them is choosing the right type of screen door frame. The factor that determines the quality and durability of the screen door is the type of material from which it is made. So when it comes to purchasing screen doors, you should be super careful about the type of material that is used.

Traditional people love to purchase screen doors with wooden frames. They are a great option but there are many alternatives these days.

So when it comes to choosing these highly practical accessories, you should have super in-depth knowledge of the type of material. You should also know the overall benefits of screen doors.

Benefits of Screen Doors

Screen doors not only make your house more beautiful and appealing, but they also come with a number of other advantages.

Repels Bugs and Other Pests

Screen doors prevent insects and other crawling creatures from entering your house, allowing you to take in the refreshing breeze and take in the stunning scenery outside


Having a relaxing wind blow through your house may help relieve tension while also keeping your mind calm and refreshed. Screen doors let you leave your home's windows open while ensuring that you and your family are protected from the outside elements.

Enhanced Comfort and Performance in Terms of Energy Use

Your house will benefit from the addition of light and fresh air when you install screen doors. Because of the outside air that is coming into your house, you will need to run your fans and air conditioners less often. As a result, this will result in a decrease in the amount of electricity that you use.

Your house will remain secure while yet retaining its natural ventilation and coolness if you install a screen door and lock it. Screen doors have the potential to serve as protective barriers when they are crafted from materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Improved Marketability and Aesthetic Appeal

The value of your property as well as its aesthetic appeal may be improved by installing attractive and lovely screen doors. Screen doors may be found in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and styles.

Types of Screen Doors

In addition to allowing fresh air to enter your home while preventing insects from entering, a screen door may also provide some allure to the appearance of your house.

Doors and Windows with Retractable Screens

These screen doors provide you an unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape, so you can take in the fresh air without having to worry about being bothered by insects. When the screen is not being used, a spring mechanism pushes it into the canister, where it is hidden, and makes it vanish so that it is not visible at all. They are often used at the entryways of homes.

Traditional Sliding Screen Doors

These are just standard screen doors with hinges. When opened, they make loud slamming and banging noises, although dampeners may be installed to stop the slamming and the banging.

Pivoting Screen Doors

These screen doors are positioned on a hinge that allows them to swivel open and closed.

Sliding Screen Doors

These screen doors are equipped with sliders, which may be either rollers or tensile springs and move open and closed along a track. You have the option of installing a sliding screen door in conjunction with your existing glass sliding door.

Best Materials for Screen Door

18 x 14 mesh wire is thicker. Stronger and wider. If you wish to keep little insects and pests out of your house, a 20×20 mesh size is optimal.

1. Wood

Wood screen doors have different designs. Several wood species are available. Door design determines the wood kind. Common screen door wood species include:

  • Stain or paint for screen doors.
  • Oak is sturdy and stainable.
  • Poplar is yellowish-brown or olive-green. Lightweight and stainable.
  • Mahogany is exotic. It makes the greatest wood screen doors.

Custom wood screen doors are useful. They last. Wood screen doors also provide fresh air while keeping pests out.

2. Glass

Glass screen doors with plastic laminated thick mesh. This screen door may enclose a patio or pool bottom. It keeps grass cuttings and privacy.

3. Aluminum

Sag-proof, rust-proof aluminum is simple to clean. Aluminum creates great screen door mesh. A protective finish strengthens the weave and prevents rust.

Aluminum screens decrease indoor glare for enhanced sight. It's UV-resistant too. They are also high-temperature and corrosion-resistant.

Black, charcoal, and silver aluminum door screen mesh is common. Silver metal screen door mesh might glare. Black and charcoal are nearly undetectable inside your house.

Aluminum screen door mesh is costlier. Aluminum sliding screen doors are one of its most prevalent uses.

4. Metal

Aluminum screen doors oxidize. They are suited for high-humidity coastal and interior locations.

Bronze and copper's brilliant hues are akin to a dark-bronze finish and might match your home's architecture.

Copper-zinc screens cost more than aluminum. They're more distinctive and lasting. Copper and bronze cost less.

Bronze screens can protect and enhance a historic house. Bronze screen door mesh burnishes with time.

Aluminum and copper-bronze door screens have comparable advantages. Both materials last. Copper-bronze screen door mesh is pricey since it doesn't corrode. Copper-bronze is appropriate for harsh weather homes.

The new copper screen door mesh shines golden. Bronze and copper tarnish and develop a verdigris patina.

Avoid aluminum frames for copper or bronze screen doors. Copper and bronze corrode aluminum frames.

5. Steel

Stainless steel screen door mesh improves exterior visibility. Excellent ventilation and external visibility. When treated with non-rusting treatments, it is rustproof. For decades, stainless steel screen door mesh has been the ideal material for keeping insects out of houses.

Screen door mesh is strongest and silver-shiny when made of stainless steel. It provides a clear vision and keeps you secure at home.

Stainless steel mesh and the correct locking mechanism make it the greatest screen door for safety.

Well, after reading this guide, we strongly hope that you will be able to choose the right screen door for your home or office.

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