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10 Best Bifold Garage Door Designs

by KE JIAYI 28 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Your garage is where your car lives, and it deserves a nice place. A solid floor, good decorations, essential tools and household items. And it needs a good door. Traditional rising garage doors have withstood the test of time, but not always to the extent we need. The motors can burn out, they’re heavy to lift by hand and their locking might not work once they’re up there. But there is an alternative, and it’s getting more popular every day.

Bifold Garage Doors are designed for ease of use and maintenance. They open from the middle and fold in on themselves outward. It’s a style of door usually used for linen closets or pantries with two doors that slide out of the way and fold outward along a rack. For a garage, they provide an unobstructed view of where you’re going, while providing a secure and good-looking entrance to your car’s home.

Standard Size(ft')
Width  Height Size
4 21 4x21
7 16 7x16
8 7, 8, 16 8x7, 8x8, 8x16
9 7, 8, 9 9x7, 9x8, 9x9
10 7, 9, 10, 12 10x7, 10x9, 10x10, 10x12
12 7 12x7
16 7, 8 16x7, 16x8
18 18 18x18
24 8 24x8


Residential Horizontal Bifold Garage Doors

The usual style for the Bifold Garage Door is a Horizontal opening. The slats which make up each half of the door slide along a track. They can be automated or easily pushed open, but remain secure due to the wider range of locks available to keep them safe. Every time you open this it’s like sliding the curtains away to reveal your prized automobile.

Residential Vertical Bifold Garage Doors

Opening upward is the standard for garage doors as it gives your vehicle the most clearance and sight to maneuver. A Vertical Bifold Garage Door works similar to traditional sliding doors. It lifts from the bottom and allows the whole thing to fold, turning into an awning or extra length of roof to sit under and enjoy a nice day.

Canopy-Type Bifold Glass Garage Door

If you’re worried about rain or snow getting in your garage while the door is open, a Canopy-Type is a good choice. They fold upward and maintain an angle once fully elevated, giving maximum clearance but also the safe assurance that they can deflect the weather without buckling or fading.

Vertical Bifold Doors for Garage

Certain Bifold Doors can tuck away after opening. Once fully opened they can then be withdrawn along the walls or ceiling of the garage like a traditional motorized sliding door. To accomplish this, these doors are usually made of lighter material like wood, which has great curb appeal and a modern edge.

Commercial Bifold Garage Doors

If you’re looking for a business renovation and you deal with a garage that takes in heavy-duty cars, Commercial Bifold doors offer heavy-duty security and speed. The drive that powers them is internal. There’s less chance of a work-related breakdown and a low overhead for maintenance. It works exactly as it should, opens and closes, and lets you get on with your day.

Wooden Bifold Awning Garage Door

Most garage doors are made of aluminum and metal composites. It’s durable against all weather and against those little accidents when you try to get in the garage but forget the door is still closed. Wooden Bifold Awning doors fulfill the Canopy-Type function with a more environmentally friendly material. They’re big and heavy and very nice to look at, even drawn up to provide some shade in the summer from the sun or rain.

Hydraulic Bifold Overhead Garage Doors

Garage doors are heavy, that’s a given. They need to be, for protection and durability. But that makes them hard to operate manually. Especially with all the chains and straps and the loud motors. Hydraulic Bifold Overhead doors use hydraulic cylinders in place of any traditional pulleys or tracks or springs. The doors are not light, but they’re easy to lift as a result of this fantastic system. Overhead doors fold up and slide along a ceiling track to get out of the way, then slide right back down in silence when needed with just a click of a button.

Automated Bifold Doors for Garage

Getting out of your car every time to open the garage door is an issue that has been resolved with automated, motorized track-and-chain door systems in the past. Bifold Doors can have the same Automated systems installed. Automation can also be added onto a manually operated Bifold door to upgrade it with a motorized system. These motors can be quiet, and operate farther away from the door than traditional track motors do, making them easier to access and repair. Just be sure the weight of the door and the power of the motor are matched up. A weak motor will leave your door closed, and too strong might make it so the doors can’t close.

Overhead Bifold Glazed Garage Doors

Glazing gives extra protection to a garage door by coating it in a sealed solution which preserves the texture and appearance underneath. It’s scratch-proof, weatherproof and mostly dent-proof as these doors are made of heavy stuff like Steel and uPVC. Despite that, these are meant to fold overhead and remain suspended on the ceiling to give a clear and open view of the outside. These are the doors that you expect a Bugatti to hide behind.

Bifold Fire Station Garage Doors

One of the most dangerous professions out there is the firefighter. Their best tool for the job is the fire engine, and it needs to stay safe and secure in all conditions. Fire Station-style Bifold Doors are among the strongest out there, capable of shielding the garage interior from all manner of harsh weather, winds, and rain, and they open up with the consistency needed for emergencies despite the weight. If you want your garage to look like it’s holding something that can save lives, a Fire Station style door is a perfect fit.

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