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Why install Energy Efficient Doors

by TengLuna 03 Feb 2023 0 Comments

Energy-efficient doors and windows help maintain comfortable temperatures in your home by reflecting a lot of heat into the environment. This saves on energy used to keep the house at a temperature, making the home more environmentally friendly overall. Fiberglass exterior doors are solid and energy-efficient. They can also be insulated to make them even more energy-efficient.

What makes door energy efficient?

If a door has any glass, it must have multiple panes of glass so that it can be tightly sealed to the frame. The door's core must have specific wood cladding, fiberglass or polyurethane foam to keep the door tightly sealed.

The material, core, and glass of a door affect how much heat flows through it and how much air leaks out. Windows World doors are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, which makes them more efficient at keeping the heat in and standing out.

The energy efficiency of materials like doors and building materials is measured with U-factor and R-value ratings. A rating system with the name of U-factor and R-value is used to measure the energy efficiency of doors.

The U-factor measures how well the door conducts heat. A lower U-factor means the door is more energy-efficient. It is important to note that the door should have a U-factor of at least 27. When this value has a high number, your door has good insulation to heat. Nationwide, there is a range of acceptable R-values between 13 and 21.

Comparing the Energy Efficiency of Different Doors

Door materials, like fiberglass, aluminum, and wood, play a significant role in how energy-efficient the door is. The most common type of door is un-insulated, but there are also insulated doors.


In the market, there are wide varieties of exterior doors. Both aluminum and steel are good insulators, meaning that they keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, fiberglass doors are less durable than metal doors. They can easily be dented and damaged. Fiberglass doors are a good option for people who want a stable door that will last a long time.


Fiberglass exterior doors are energy-efficient. They're also one of the most accessible materials to insulate, making them great for energy efficiency. However, because fiberglass isn't very good at conducting heat, Window World only sells fiberglass doors with foam cores. This helps to keep the door cool in summer and warm in winter.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors are beautiful, but they are not the most energy-efficient. Wood absorbs heat more quickly than other materials. It also contributes to heat flow, which means outside temperatures can enter your home. In comparison, metal doors are much more energy-efficient because they are better insulators and do not allow heat to flow into or out of the house.

Other Elements That Contribute to a Door's Energy Efficiency


Weatherstripping helps keep your door sealed against the weather. The effectiveness of the weatherstripping depends on the material, how it's installed, and the flooring your door opens over. Window World has weatherstripping on all of our door frames to keep your home safe from the weather.


Your door frame is essential because it helps to keep your house warm and protect it from damage. Metal door frames could be better at keeping the house warm, and they can easily rust. Wooden frames could be better at keeping the house warm, but they are much more resistant to damage and pests.


Insulation is essential on your exterior doors. We recommend using polyurethane foam insulation, which has a high thermal resistance and a high R-value.

What are doors made of?

Most door entrances are sold as pre-assembled units, including the door slab, the frame, the hinges, and the hardware. The most energy-efficient way to replace the entire unit is to do it all at once. When you buy a door, it is not just the door you buy.

You also buy the door slab, the part of the door that goes on the door frame. All the variety of doors in the market has advantages and disadvantages. The materials like metal skin and fiberglass are used in door making.

Some doors are made from metal or fiberglass, like metal or fiberglass skins covering a reinforced frame. Other doors are made of solid wood, which has no interior insulation. Some door manufacturers still need to do a better job of keeping homes warm in the winter. But a solid wall in a home is much better at keeping people warm.

Other energy-efficiency considerations

When choosing an energy-efficient door solution, you should consider the door slab and the frame, frame insulation, weatherstripping, and glass if used.


In addition to saving on utility bills, energy-efficient doors can protect your home from extreme weather conditions, are soundproof, and are eco-friendly, making them a practical choice for the planet.

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